Connect App Users to the Correct Content Directly in Your App

Use deep linking and deferred deep linking to fix the mobile app user experience.

What Is Deep Linking?

Hyperlinks don’t work in an app-centric mobile world. This leads to slower growth, lower retention and poor conversion rates. But using mobile deep links can fix this problem.  Mobile deep links and deferred deep links allow you to link directly to a screen within your app — just like on the web. If you are linking to your app from a mobile webpage, email, message or social media, Yozio Superlinks will help you create a seamless experience by connecting your users directly to specific content within the app instead of a generic home screen. It’s simple to make links work on mobile using Yozio Superlinks. Simply replace your existing links with Yozio Superlink and users will be directed to the the appropriate screen in the app.  Yozio can provide you with the deep linking technology or Yozio supports 3rd party deep links.  For newly installed app users, deferred deep linking will bring users to the contextual in-app screen. What is mobile deep linking?    

What Is Deferred Deep Linking?

Standard deep links works great when users already have your app installed but fail when they don’t.  Deferred deep linking solves this problem.  Deferred deep linking is the process of linking a user to a specific screen or location within an app after they install and launch an app for the first time.     What is deferred deep linking?

Without deferred deep linking, links can send user down one of two paths. First, users are driven to a mobile web page where they can be prompted to install the app via a banner or interstitial. The other alternative is that users will be driven to download your app. In either case, after opening the app after install, the user will be presented with the generic app screen. With Yozio deferred deep linking, data and context about the pre-install action is passed around the app store to the app at the time of install. Yozio’s accurate app fingerprinting and device-to-install matching is required to have accurate deferred deep linking. Otherwise, your users may end up landing on an in-app screen that does not match the context of the original link and frustrate your newly acquired user.

Benefits of Yozio Deep Linking and Deferred Deep Linking

Yozio delivers both deep linking and deferred deep linking from a single link.  So whether a user has your app installed or not, she gets a seamless experience. Yozio customers have seen that deep linking and deferred deep linking, increases app activation and post-install conversion rates by 15-30%. Deep linking and deferred deep linking allows you to:

  • Seamlessly activate, engage and re-engage existing app users using organic channels such as email, search engine optimized landing pages and social media.
  • Increase activation rate of new app users by introducing intent and context into the onboarding experience.
  • Increase post install conversion and overall retention.

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