Every Feature. SDK or Not.

Make your organic channels a powerful mobile growth engine. Use advanced tracking, optimization and personalization tools. Yozio gives you the visibility and control you need to optimize channels and campaigns – and acquire and activate new users. Prefer not to use an SDK? Yozio provides the industry’s only SDK-less solution.

Universal Redirector and Deep Linking

Growth through friction reduction

Universal Redirector

Yozio enables you to route users to the optimal location based on their device, platform and whether they have your app installed. Create a single compelling CTA, with a single link, that works for all users across mobile and the traditional web.

App Store Routing

For mobile users who do not have your app installed, route them to correct app store with a single link, reducing friction in acquisition.

Deferred Deep linking

After a new user has installed your app, route them directly to the optimal location in the app (not just to the default homescreen). Learn more about deferred deep linking.

Deep linking

If a user already has your app installed, route them directly to the optimal location in the app. Learn more about deep linking.

Universal Redirector and Deeplinking

Closed Loop Attribution

Visibility from origin through install to conversion

Yozio gives you full visibility into where new app users are coming from using its unique fingerprinting technology. Yozio ties the source of acquisition with downstream events to give you full visibility into your organic and viral marketing efforts.

We track:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks & CTR
  • Installs
  • Channel (Email, SMS, Social, Web)
  • Use Case
  • UTM Parameters
  • Custom Parameters
  • Downstream events (purchase, sign up, engagement)
  • CPI
Closed loop attribution

Metadata Passing

Break the App Store black box

Yozio’s proprietary metadata passing finally makes it possible to pass parameters around all iOS and Google app stores. This enables you to:

  • Connect pre and post install data for your new mobile app users
  • Develop deep insights into the effectiveness of your marketing channels and campaigns
  • Apply battle tested marketing techniques from the web like personalization

Data that can be passed include history, click path, referrer ID, offer, campaign, anonymous user IDs, UTM parameters

Metadata Passing


Activate more users with the right content at the right time

Activate with Personalized Onboarding:

  • Deliver personalized onboarding experiences for new users the first time they open your app instead of the one-size-fits-none default homepage.

Personalized Referrals:

  • No need for users to enter referral codes – Yozio passes IDs to you for accurate tracking so users can enjoy a frictionless experience.

Personalize with Confidence:

  • Yozio is the only company that provides a click-to-install match probability with each and every attribution so you can personalize with confidence.
Personalized Referrals, Personalized App Onboarding

Dynamic Linking

Run and optimize tests faster

Use Yozio’s dynamic linking to create a link and easily edit the URL destination and parameters without changing the link in your organic campaigns. Optimize and test your campaigns, offers and messaging in real time even after launch.

Dynamic Linking

Dashboarding and Benchmarking

Growth through insight

Measure and analyze your progress towards acquisition and activation goals.

  • Quickly and easily identify the root cause of spikes or crashes in app installs and activations
  • Benchmark your performance against the industry’s leading mobile growth experts to identify areas for further growth.
  • Yozio’s advanced analytics dashboard enables you to filter your data by channel, campaign, platform, OS and more!
Organic benchmarking

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