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Generate more app views, acquire engaged users and increase ad revenue by driving more high quality app installs. Track the source of organic installs and optimize your channels to learn which sources and campaigns increase engagement with your media and content.

Transform Social Sharing into New App Installs.

Social drives 34% of mobile web traffic for media and news sites. Convert your social referrals into app installs. Use Yozio to track and optimize app installs that originate from social channels.

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Contextual Content Keeps App Users Engaged

Personalize the new user onboarding with deferred deep linking. Yozio’s Organic Mobile Growth Platform has the most accurate proprietary fingerprinting to match app installs with the channels, campaigns and social shares that led to the install. Don’t rely on advertising technology. Increase app usage organically.

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Harness the Power of Mobile Searches

Mobile searches are now more popular than desktop searches. Migrate your casual mobile readers to addicted app users. Track your app installs that originate from mobile searches and optimize the landing pages, offer and in-app experience.

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