How to Acquire App Users via Organic Channels

Any channel that does not require you to spend money on advertising is an organic marketing channel. Organic channels are often an untapped or under-optimized for many app developers, growth engineers and marketers. But the value goes beyond simply “free.” Users acquired through email, SMS, mobile web and social media have better retention rates than users acquired via ads and if you’re running ads to grow your app installs, leveraging organic channels to grow your app helps you reduce your overall cost per install (CPI).


Yozio’s Organic Mobile Growth Platform makes it easy for mobile teams to track, acquire and activate users through channels like email, SMS, mobile web and social media. The data collected by Yozio’s SuperLinks™ gives you the ability to implement a data-driven process for growing app users through organic channels that includes the following steps: 1) Measure 2) Benchmark & Prioritize 3) Experiment & Optimize 4) Personalize.


The Apple and Google Play app stores are a virtual “black box” when it comes to identifying how users got to your app. Using Yozio, you can create smart, data-rich mobile links that help you track the user journey from initial click on an email or SMS invite, social media referral or other channel, all the way through install and activation, as well as downstream events.

That means that with Yozio, once a user installs and activates your app, you can map that user back to the initial click on your campaign. This data is critical in helping you understand which of your mobile growth tactics and channels are sending the highest value users to your app.

Benchmark & Prioritize

Once you are able to measure new user installs and activations from organic channels, you can use Yozio’s benchmarking to compare your performance to the best growth teams to prioritize the areas that have the greatest opportunity for improvement. For example, Washio, a Yozio customer, had a referral campaign that ran on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter generating thousands of clicks. With Yozio, they were able to discover that less than .25% of those clicks converted to mobile app installs. In comparison, an SMS referral campaign generated fewer clicks, but 25% of those converted to installs.

Yozio allowed us to identify the most effective way for our best customers to promote Washio to their networks.

-Nick Greenfield, Washio’s Vice President of Marketing and Growth

By measuring the clicks and installs with Yozio, Washio was able to prioritize which channels were working best with the referral campaign. This allowed Washio to increase its conversion rate by 100x, rather than wasting resources on driving traffic from a source that didn’t result in valuable, long-term users. Read how Washio increased it’s conversion rate by 100x

Experiment & Optimize

The ability to run experiments and use the resulting data to optimize campaigns, channels and use cases is at the foundation of any successful online growth strategy. Web marketers have long had the tools to perform A/B testing and other experiments. With Yozio, you now have the data you need to experiment with different messaging, designs and channels to see which ones perform best. For example, one of Yozio’s media customers found that by tweaking the design of its smart banner, it increased its iPhone app download rates by more than 100%.


In the world of mobile onboarding, one-size-does-not-fit-all. Users are coming to your app because they have responded to a campaign — whether it was a referral from a friend or a special promo they got via email. Connecting the dots and serving your user a personalized in-app experience based on what brought her there reduces friction and keeps your app sticky.

Did they arrive there by clicking on a link from a referral campaign? When users arrive at your app, do you know whether they already have it installed? Once you have this data, you can use it to tailor and personalize the onboarding experience. For example, our customers have seen that referencing the original referral invite that is personalized with the name of the referring friend and the offer, rather than sending the user to a generic app home screen, greatly reduces friction and increases conversion rates.


These are the four steps needed to build and expand your organic app acquisition efforts, using the Yozio Growth Platform. To get more information on how Yozio can help you drive organic user growth, schedule a Yozio demo.

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