Deep Linking and More – Without the SDK

Want every deep linking feature and more – but don’t want another SDK? Finally, there’s a solution. The new Yozio Mobile Growth API gives you every Yozio feature. No SDK required.

The Only Fully-Featured Non-SDK Solution Available

The Mobile Growth API is the industry’s only non-SDK solution for:

Get Complete Control

Get all of Yozio’s features without the need to integrate an SDK. The Mobile Growth API means you know every line of code in your app and can control it all yourself. You can decide exactly which API calls to make and when, and cover every edge case.

Use Any App Development Platform

“The Mobile Growth API works seamlessly with our app development platform. With this API integration, upkeep is easier, faster and less resource intensive than using SDKs for each platform.”

Shawn Lin, President, Ingenious Creations, makers of Yolo Rush

Use the best third-party development platforms such as Xamarin, Cordova, Adobe AIR, Unity, and any other. The Mobile Growth API works seamlessly with any of them, so you can pick the best one for you. And you always get the latest features straight away, instead of having to wait for your SDK provider to make updates to a dedicated SDK.

Avoid Unnecessary iOS App Updates

Never resubmit your app to Apple just because of updates to an SDK. With the Mobile Growth API, you don’t have to wait for Apple to review and publish your app – and then for customers to download it again – just because of a change someone else made.

SDK or No SDK. The Choice is Yours.

We listened to our customers, and the message was clear. An SDK is great for many app publishers – but not for everyone. For the first time, everyone now has a choice. The Yozio Mobile Growth API means publishers no longer have to use an SDK to grow their app with deep links. We’re proud to present the industry’s first and only non-SDK solution for advanced deep linking and more.


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