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Find the most active users, bring them to the right location and watch your app growth soar.

Drive Viral Growth with Personalized Referrals

Incentivize your users to be your best marketers. With Yozio, deliver a personalized first time experience your users will want to share with their friends.

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Deliver the best user experience with deep linking and deferred deep linking

Using one Yozio SuperLink, identify if the app is installed. If the app is installed, route the user to the correct content with deep linking. If the app is not installed, route the user to the correct app store. After opening the app, the user is deferred deep link to the exact screen that prompted the click. Your users stay engaged and become return app users.

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Match install source to in app conversions

Use Yozio to attribute and measure the source of app installs. Connect downstream events (such as registrations, engagement and conversions) to install source so you can optimize and drive growth.

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