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Track, acquire and activate new users 
 from organic channels: Email. SMS. Social. Mobile Web. Web. Use an SDK or no SDK.

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“We have a lot going on, with a small team here, and the Yozio Customer Success team has been terrific in helping us develop the use cases and best practices that will help us grow quickly.”

VP Product

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“Using Yozio, we were able to increase our organic iPhone app download rates for one of our most important channels by more than 100% in less than 30 days.”

Growth Engineer Manager

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“We’ve found that making URLs with redirects and deep linking is very easy with Yozio – easier than other services we’ve worked with.”We’ve found that making URLs

Director of Marketing

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Get More Organic Users

Track organic app channels

Track organic channels

Understand which campaigns and channels are driving app downloads, activations, sign ups and revenue. Gain the visibility you need to make data driven decisions to maximize growth and ROI.

Acquire mobile app users

Maximize growth by optimizing your organic campaigns and channels. Invest in the messaging, design and channels that work best and eliminate those that don’t.

optimizing your organic campaigns and channels
Personalize mobile app activation

Personalize mobile app activation

Connect pre-install and post-install data to deliver a personalized first time experience for new users, reducing friction and increasing conversion. Use deep linking to engage users with custom content.

Benchmark growth performance

Compare your organic user acquisition efforts to the best growth teams in mobile. Apply best practices. Learn from the best.

Compare your organic user acquisition efforts with benchmarking
Organic Mobile Growth

Organic Growth. No Ads Required.

Mobile growth is hard. Organic growth is even harder. That’s because many of the tools used to track organic channels on the traditional web were not available for mobile – until now. Yozio’s Mobile Growth Platform is built from the ground up to help you track, acquire, activate and engage new users through organic, non-paid channels like email, SMS, web, mobile web and social media. SDK or no SDK.

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